Håkon Storm-Mathisen (born 1967, Oslo) is a Norwegian jazz guitarist, composer and teacher.

He received his formal education at the Rhythmic Conservatory in Copenhagen, where he was supervised by Ole Kock-Hansen (The Danish Radio Jazz orchestra), Butch Lacy, Bob Rockwell, Atilla Engin, Ed Thigpen, Jørgen Emborg, Staffan William-Olsson, and others. Nowadays he is renowned teacher himself; he has been teaching guitar, ensemble, rhythmic training, composition/theory, ear training, and improvisation classes at The Norwegian State Academy of Music since 1991. Also he has been invited frequently as a guest teacher at various international conservatories, like Den Haag, Amsterdam, Como, and at the Tokyo Kunitachi Music Academy.

Håkon Storm has co-operated with some of the best and most respected musicians in Norway. He also plays with younger talents, soloists and singers. He composes for various ensembles, from trio to big band. Håkon regularly performs with his own trio, quartet, and quintet and he has released two albums with original compositions and impro works for solo guitar: “Zinober” (2012) and “Fosfor” (2014). 2016 projects include the cd “Kobolt” w/ Dutch string quartet Zapp4, and “Volta Trio” w/ Japanese Koichi Osamu (Bass) and Kazumi Ikenaga (Drs).

Besides working with his own bands, Håkon was also a member of Line Up, an internationally acclaimed cool jazz orchestra, with Jimmy Halperin (US)/ Steve Altenberg (US), and De Press, Norwegian New Wave/art rock quartet. Since 2010, he has been co-leader of Winther-Storm, dutch-based jazz/rock quartet.

Furthermore, Håkon works as a soloist, conductor, and composer for big bands: Bergen Big Band, Oslo Workshop Big Band, Prime Time Orchestra.
Håkon Storm was invited to Japan in 2003 to perform his music with several Japanese big bands, and smaller combos. This led to following tours in 2008, 2009, 2012, 2014 and 2016. The touring in Japan included cooperation with outstanding musicians like Ken’ichiro Shinzawa, Yoshihiko Katori, and The Global Jazz Orchestra.

Håkon has toured in USA, Japan, Africa, and many countries in Europe. He has also done shorter trips for studies of musical subjects in Europe, USA, Ghana, and Cuba.