June 2016

Two releases coming up:

Kobolt, with Dutch string Quartet zapp4, http://www.zapp4.com/

Recorded in Rainbow studio, Oslo, March 2016.






Release: Sept 2nd, 2016


And Volta Trio, with Kazumi Ikenaga (Drs) and Koichi Osamu (Bass).

Recorded in Tokyo, July 2014

   Release: sept 2nd, 2016

Jan 2016

Special event: Dutch string Quartet Zapp4 w/ Håkon Storm at RAW concert series, March 11th, 2016. Link: http://nmh.no/arrangementer/raw-med-strykekvartett-og-gitar.


Japan tour dates are set to Oct 20-31, 2016. Release trio recording w/ Osamu Koichi an Kazumi Ikenaga.


The new Winther-Storm release will be available in 2016!





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