New album Kobolt

Kobolt_frontARTIST: Håkon Storm TITLE: Kobolt
RELEASE : 11.11.2016
CD EAN:7042986116729
DISTRIBUTION: Musikkoperatørene

A new collaboration between Håkon Storm and Dutch string quartet Zapp4

Kobolt is an album that investigates sound that is found at the interface between jazz improvisation, composition and classical music. Håkon Storm’s previous solo records, Zinober

(NORCD1105) and Fosfor (NORCD1434), explore compositional and improvisational approaches in a solo format and offer a mainly acoustic soundscape. On this third and final record in the project he is collaborating with the Dutch string quartet Zapp4. This partnership pulls the entire project together while it also introduces totally new and intriguing dimensions to Håkon Storm’s “studies” of the melodic, acoustical and improvisational possibilities inherent in the guitar.

Zapp4 (NL) are an untraditional and inquisitive string quartet. They combine groove, improvisation and fantasy with

solos that make sparks fly. Their music covers a broad stylistic spectrum, and their interaction and interplay are marked by top-speed encounters. Regardless of how wild or mild they may be, there is always a sense of poetry in their music. They have collaborated with Marc Ribot, Jan Bang and Graeme Stephen, among others.

Håkon Storm, guitars, bells
Jasper le Clercq, violin
Jeffrey Bruinsma, violin
Oene van Geel, viola
Emile Visser, cello

HakonStormZapp4_Photo by Andre Skjelin


1. Koshi 5:39
2. Intro og interlude 7:28
3. Gnom 4:10
4. Karusell 4:51
5. Blue goo 2:01
6. Rast 5:35
7. Piosenka 4:45
8. In lieu 1:43
9. Brunst 3:47
10. Varsovienne 5:58
11. Tvividr 4:48